Set design by me for a queer love story, exploring intimacy through a narrative of empowerment. In collaboration with pieces by Frozen Fountain Amsterdam and Esmay Collection. 

“Ethereal Embrace” for Paper Magazine 2024        
Photographed by Frederique Pinas 

The collection is inspired by the characters of video game final fantasy, and was presetned as a couture capsule for the Final Fantasy XVI game release in Paris. We worked on techniques of embroidery, leather moulding, feather capes, etc. to realise the the looks comissioned by Paris-based brand Piece Unique.  

Piece Unique x Final Fantasy - ARTEFACT PRIMORDIAL        

Anh Duong Atelier  

The collection is inspired by childhood memories of Florentina Leitner. Creating an infinity mirror installation with real grass, where the visitors for the show where sat on picnic blankets to see the runway collection. 

“Picnic at Hanging Rock” PFW SS24 Florentina Leitner        

The collection is inspired by the strong character of Jeanne, recreating her witch burnt stake where the outfits where presented through a presentation.  

“Jeanne” Florentina Leitner PFW 2023     

How can physical craft objects uncover material histories?

This project takes shape as wearable metal craft objects from my Bolivian heritage, uncovering closely the metal resource extraction of pre-Columbian Bolivia by the Spanish empire and how it has left irreparable exploitation and disintegration of more than just material matters. I have explored themes of decoloniality, identity, and value systems ingrained in adornment, using fieldwork research of the largest folkloric festival in previously mine-rich Oruro, Bolivia.

Metal Narratives          
Autonomous Minor Willem de Kooning